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Padilla v. LaFrance

May 25, 1995


Argued Jan. 3, 1995.

Rehearing Overruled Oct. 5, 1995.

In action arising from automobile accident, defendant driver filed cross-action, seeking enforcement of alleged settlement agreement under contract law. The 127th District Court, Harris County, Sharolyn Wood, J., granted plaintiffs' motion for summary judgment on cross-action, and defendant appealed. The Court of Appeals, Houston (14th Dist.), Sears, J., 875 S.W.2d 730, affirmed. On application for writ of error, the Supreme Court, Phillips, C.J., held that: (1) transcript was timely filed in appeal; (2) series of letters between parties was sufficient to constitute writing that satisfied rule requiring settlement agreements to be in writing and filed with court; and (3) withdrawal of consent to settlement did not render settlement unenforceable.

Reversed and remanded with directions.

Enoch, J., dissented with opinion in which Gammage, J., joined.

PHILLIPS, Chief Justice, delivered the opinion of the Court, joined by GONZALEZ, HIGHTOWER, HECHT, CORNYN, SPECTOR, and OWEN, Justices.

The primary issue presented is whether a series of letters between the parties' representatives constituted a written settlement agreement enforceable under Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 11, even though plaintiffs withdrew their consent to the settlement before the letters were filed with the court and before judgment was rendered on the agreement. The court of appeals held that any agreement was unenforceable under Rule 11 because plaintiffs revoked consent before the letters were filed with the court. 875 S.W.2d 730. Because we hold that the letters constituted an enforceable Rule 11 agreement, we reverse the judgment of the court of appeals and remand to the trial court with instructions to enforce the parties' settlement agreement.


One member of the LaFrance, family was killed and two others were seriously injured when their vehicle collided with- that driven by Enrique Padilla. After the LaFrances sued Padilla, his insurer, State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, assumed defense of the claims. The parties subsequently engaged in settlement negotiations and, as discussed below, vigorously dispute whether an enforceable settlement Agreement was consummated.

On April 10, 1991, Jeffrey Steidley, the LaFrances' attorney, mailed a settlement demand to Brian Chandler, Padilla's attorney, providing in pertinent part as follows:

Dear Mr. Chandler:

You are quite familiar with the facts and circumstances surrounding the above referenced matter. At this time we make demand for policy limits of $40,000.00 for full and final settlement of this case against the insured that you represent. Payment of this sum should be made on or before Tuesday, April 23, 1991 at 5:00 p.m., by delivery of checks in the appropriate amount to the offices of the undersigned made payable in the following amounts and to the following payees:

One check in the amount of $20,000.00 to Madeleine LaFrance As Next Friend of Michelle LaFrance and Olivier & Steidley.

One check in the amount of $20,000.00 made payable to Ernest J. LaFrance, Marlene Luther, Marilyn Koenig, Madeleine LaFrance and Olivier & Steidley, their attorneys of record.

Please be advised that although I will be more than happy to discuss this case with you or any of your representatives, no oral discussion that we may have will serve to alter the time limits expressed in the correspondence. I look forward to receipt of the checks on or before date specified, failing which this offer to settle will be withdrawn and my clients will proceed to perfect their rights under Texas law, the substance of which I know you are well aware.

Chandler forwarded this letter to Phil Bradshaw, the State Farm adjuster handling the claim, who telephoned Steidley's office on April 15 and spoke with Sherea Carry. *fn1 Bradshaw informed Carry of an outstanding $1,600 medical lien for treatment to Michelle LaFrance that needed to be cleared up in connection with the settlement. Carry responded that she would have Steidley CAR Br Bradshaw to discuss the lien. When Bradshaw did not hear back from Steidley, he called Steidley's office on April 18 and again on the morning of April 23 to discuss the lien. Each time he was able to speak only with Carry, who informed Bradshaw that the lien had not yet been resolved.

When Bradshaw still had not heard from Steidley by the afternoon of April 23, the settlement deadline, he faxed this handwritten letter to Steidley:

Dear Mr. Steidley,

This will confirm our settlement agreement of 4/18/91, whereby State Farm agreed to meet the policy limit demands set out in your letter of 4/10/91. The only thing holding up resolution of this is the hospital lien re: Michelle. I await word from you regarding the lien so I know to whom to make drafts payable.

It is unclear from the record what Bradshaw was referring to by the "agreement of 4/18/91." Steidley responded before 5:00 p.m. the same day, by fax and regular mail, with this letter:

Dear Mr. Bradshaw:

This letter will confirm that the above referenced matter has been settled for all applicable policy limits, which have been represented to us to be $40,000.00. Please forward settlement checks in the above referenced matter. This office will agreed [sic] to take care of the lien filed by ...

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